Bling Bling

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Here are a couple pieces i crafted together this past weekend. One has a tiny carved elephant out of what looks to be ivory, and a horse shoe stamped onto some metal. The other piece has a six shooter and a lightning bolt cast out of metal. I hand picked each ring and clasp for these necklaces. Both pieces have a gold/bronze finish on a 30″ elegant chain. I think they came out great! They are allready sold but you can stay posted for more soon!


Color / a light at the end of the tunnel v1.5

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Started color on Mary’s halo yesterday. I don’t suggest detailed tattoos on your elbow, exapecialy in solid color. Halfway there. Just washed and shiny…and swollen. Holla!

Flash Back

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Yeah, pretty much amazing!

Frazier Update

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Most of you know by now that my parents are building a house up at their ranch in Frazier Park. I just cant believe how fast this thing is going up. This weekend the guys put up the 12′ deck on the house! Just wait till winter, sledding will be in session.

Welcome to Supai!

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So Angel and i went to Havasupai about a month ago, the weather was crazy, we stayed in a random indian backyard…we got rained out, saw a charred horse, i killed a scorpion while sleeping, almost got beat up by the natives, thought about getting a feather tattoo, hiked roughly 30 miles and swam in a chocolate waterfall…what else could you ask for. Here are some photos.

Baby jesus

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So I went in to get some more work on my arm this past Friday. We just filled in one corner of the halo that had been outlined. Nothing too exciting, except next is color! I can’t wait. This piece is really coming together. Go see Eric Jones at Goldrush tattoo in Newport if you like what you see! Holla!

Taylor Creative

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We have launched our website here at Taylor Creative. Go to to check out our work! Let me know what you think.